Megalith Asset

What is Megalith?


Megalith is a powerful Multi-tool that helps you create your world’s environment fast and efficiently. 

This includes Terrain Stamping, Object Placement, Terrain Texturing, and Object Creation.

A strong feature of Megalith is having everything you need in one, with all the tools working together so that you can shape the terrain, place a forest, and texture, all in one brush stroke! 


  • Highlights of Megalith:
  • Simple to Advanced Object Placement
  • Object Creation (for creating large rock formations)
  • Use any Object to Shape the Terrain as a Terrain Stamp.
  • Texturing Tools (750 texture layers, displacement, object blending, and full featured GPU grass)
  • Material Creator (place objects to generate seamless textures < (soon to be improved)
  • Rotatable brushes (works great with the Spline Feature)
  • HotKey Manager
  • Flexible Grid, and Snapping
  • Documentation, Manual, and Video Tutorials
  • Time tested for over 3 years in the making (including refactoring all the code, and creating an expandable framework)