A hilarious multiplayer game that will have your sides splitting as you bounce, tumble, and bowl over your friends and foes. Battle it out through increasingly wacky landscapes and claim your spot in the hall of glory.

The objective is simple – get to the finish line first and don’t fall to your doom while trying. Each match starts with a horde of players who get eliminated through a series of obstacles along the course to the final. The surviving players continue the battle in rounds with increasing difficulty until there is only one rushling standing.

Endless online fun

Everyone knows there’s no law in the Dark Corner. The Rift has literally turned the planet inside out and the track floats suspended in space. The aliens that were once experimented on have taken over the tech and throw everything they have at the metarushers in order to keep them from finding the portal out. You’d better do everything you can to win this race or you could get trapped in the Dark Corner. Forever.


Compete, survive, win and earn

Choose the game mode that best suits your playstyle and fight for your right to party! Play alone or with friends and collect endless rewards.

Roll with style!

Choose the best outfit that expresses your personality. Unlock and collect multiple cosmetic skins and items that will carry over to other games as interoperable NFTs.