Rules of Destruction

“Rules of Destruction” is a story-driven role-playing game, set in a beautiful universe. You can choose from many different characters, each with different story and abilities. From cursed warriors seeking vengence to highly skilled mercenaries, thirsty for blood. Depending on your character you will choose on which side to fight for and what is better for your progress. Explore the vast worlds and reveal their secrets. While you are adventuring, doing numerous quests and side activities. you will encounter merchants, villagers, sacred people and a lot of enemies. In “Rules of Destruction” your choice matters. You can save Astrila, or help the Meldorian’s to capture it.

Unique Story
Begin your journey and dive into an epic universe full of meaningful choices. Meet the citizens of Astrila and Maldisinar. Help them or bring them doom. Complete the quests you want and progress the way you like. With the rewards you get, you can purchase new weapons, armours and special abillities.